Question on Tiffany dbty YG chain

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  1. So DH and I were looking to get me a solitaire as a push present. I am big on selecting my own diamonds, designing my own setting and I liked this amazing .65 ct old european cut diamond that I thought was perfect. But when we sent it to GIA for grading, the cut was less than Ideal so we didn't go with it. I had a beautiful shiny YG chain in mind for it.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago, we were passing thru a city that has Tiffany's and decided to check the store out. There I fell in love with this beautiful .33 ct FI dbty yellow diamond and have worn it every single day since then.

    Now don't get me wrong, I think it is a great everyday pendant and I love how it sparkles, but I can't get over how dull the chain seems to me. Do any of you YG dbty owners feel the same? I am wondering if Tiffany makes any other shinier chains that I can use in place of the current chain. Do you think it'd wise to do that. Here's my pendant. Suggestions/Opinions are very welcome.

  2. I agree with you. I believe this setting doesn't bring out the beauty of that beautiful yellow diamond.

    I tried the yellow diamond in soleste .50 pear shape pendant ...and that was it. I am having mine set in soleste setting (platinum/diamonds) the chain will be changed to platinum aswell. I have to wait for 9 weeks ,sent to Tiffany NYC on May 9th.

    I have a vivid yellow .97 and can't wait to have my bling..blinged out back.

    Pic taken from Tiffany's website.

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  3. The chain they use is their standard chain; it used on most of their piecyes. Maybe talk to your sales associate about resetting your piece?

  4. Wowza! Blingy bling bling bling ! I, however, am looking for a daily piece and not sure if that route is for me but you certainly are putting some interesting ideas in my head! Lol! Do you know how the platinum chain looks with it as opposed to the YG one?

    Would love to see how yours turn out. Please do share the before and after pics + mod shots!

  5. Thanks AntiqueShopper! I have noticed that. May be I just need to get used to it? I'll talk to my SA end of this month when we travel again.
  6. You mean evil enabling? 😈
    I have dbty in . 26 round as an everyday piece... But I won't shy away alternating and making all that bling as an everyday piece either. I'll share before and after pics ☺️
  7. I know what you mean. I feel the same way as you. To me the yg chain on my dbty doesn't appear as yellow as the other chains from Cartier and VCA( hope I explain it right). So I had to check if Tiffany is actually using 18 k yg chain on the dbty from their website when I noticed it. I don't know maybe it is because they are making it as such a delicate look. It looks fine when it is worn alone, but while I layer it with other necklaces I can't help thinking the yg color of the chain is a bit dull.

  8. Love that attitude! You are such an enabler!

  9. ^^This exactly! Good to know that I'm not alone.