Question on this Large Multipockets

  1. Hello all! :smile:

    May I know if this colour is called Olive ? Thanks!

  2. I don't know the color, but I did want to comment on how gorgeous your bag was! :smile:
  3. Know this isn't much help, but the only "olive" I am familiar with is the latest one from a year or two ago...yours may be also called "olive" and I'd love to have the "experts" weigh in!

    Actually, I think the "newest" olive is more of a brown (think the inside of a black olive) with cream colored edging...however, from what I understand a color name may carry over to different years while the actual color changes slightly. I think I read recently where "butter" and "emerald" have been used in previous years but the colors have changed a bit from the current ones.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread - I'd love to know what this color is as well!
  4. Oh... this is not my bag, and most probably this is a fake large multipockets. :shrugs:

    Can refer to the "Authenticate this MJ" thread. ;)

    Thanks ladies for your inputs!