Question on the PCE cards

  1. I'm curious - if you have a card and you go on the last couple days to use it... will everything be gone? If so, will they ship something to your house or order it for you? Or are you limited to what is on hand at the store?

    I tried finding this info somewhere but didn't see it...

  2. i'm pretty sure most people are ordering things- so that shouldn't be an issue. same with shipping to your house.

    i wouldn't worry too much about getting what you want- unless it's somethign that is super popular and is already about to sell out.
  3. Thanks for the reply!
  4. When I put in my pre-order, I was told that 1/2 I can pick on Saturday and the rest would be mailed to my house on Monday (since they were coming from other strores and the wharehousel
  5. In the past almost all my stuff would come from the warehouse because everything I wanted was sold out.
  6. So the stores could be wiped out next Thursday, right? I'd pretty much need to know exactly what I want and they would send it to my house?
  7. They are running low on the white Hamptons Leather Lines and the Signature Carly with saddle leather. Not sure about what else.

    I asked because I was going to wait for my SA to come in and was debating waiting to place my pre-order.
  8. OK, I'm still confused... So, if you have a pce card but did not pre-order are you stuck with whats left in the store or will they still order items?
  9. I bought a gorgeous wallet pre-sale and they won't let me come in and pick it up even though it's at the store! They say they have to mail it to me even though I live 10 minutes away!!!
  10. They will order whatever you want from JAX or other stores -- wherever they can locate what you are looking for :yes: .