Question on the Original Print 2nd Gen

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  1. Ok so I have been MIA for wireless router broke and my wonderful husband is a computer hog :tdown: heehee...

    So I have seen some original prints floating around with silver hardware. Does this mean that they were real all along? Just not 1st Gen?
  2. Who knows? We have no idea how long the "2nd Generation" OP has been available!
  3. I don't think so... maybe? but the outlets just recently got their stash I'd hope (since people have been contacting them lately) so yupp :shrugs: I think it's safe to say that not all are auth up til now but in the future we'll need to be extra super duper careful because of what lesportsac decided to do
  4. I found one in a Bella on eBay...I emailed him and asked him where it was purchased.