question on the mixed leather boy bag

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  1. Hi,

    I wonder how everyone thinks of the spring collection of the mixed leather boy bags. I found they are very unique and beautiful, but then, not sure if they are classy enough.

    I actually purchased the white one, but am a little worried that it might get dirty easily. Anyway, not sure if I should keep the bag or change to a different color. Blue seems to be really beautiful based on the pictures posted here.

    Love to hear others' thoughts.
  2. I'm not a fan, personally. Looks patch work-like to me and may be one of those boys that don't get a good price once you decide to resell.
  3. I agree that if you personally like it you definitely should not miss out. Hate it when that happens. However would not think of this as a style that would resell at good price. However personally I only buy what I enjoy and resell is not something I consider so I buy what I like and only consideration would really be durability (do not want them to look sad and I wont be able to easily get new one later to replace.)
  4. +1
  5. I actually love the 3 leather boy bag but not thinking of getting it as I'm afraid that suede leather portion will be hard to maintain. It is beautiful but I am looking for a bag that I can use daily.
  6. +1

    The white is beautiful but may get dirty easily. I have the navy and love it!
  7. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinion.

    I don't worry about resale, but I do worry about the color, and the suede leather.
    Let me think about it...
  8. I am debating too in buying the black one! Any reviews?? Need help! This will be my only black chanel. Don't know how to care for the suede strip.
    I find this bag very beautiful and special.. I like it but thinking maybe the design is a little busy
  9. Some pics

  10. I just got this bag today in exchange of the black caviar boy bags that just came out. To me it's very beautiful . I got the black one. It has a certain character to it. It can be casual and elegant at the same time. The suede leather used was sturdy and easy to clean and maintain. I really love it. Way better than the 16A caviar boys. Here's mine.

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  11. i honestly think that this bag is gorgeous. i saw a reveal of the navy one with gold hardware and i was in love. :smile:
  12. +1 I think it is unique in a very captivating way (and in black, quite subtle as well). I purchased a plain black boy with ghw several seasons ago and while I love it, I would have picked this over it any day.
  13. Its beautiful, I am thinking about purchasing the burgundy one. But cant decide the blue, black or burgundy one.

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  14. Perfectly fine
    Love contrast looking
  15. I'm personally not a fan. As soon as I saw it, the bag immediately reminded me of those leather patched jackets (and fanny packs!) from the 80s. This could be only me though.