Question on the Melie

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  1. Ok, you are all going to think I am totally nuts--and I might be ;) but, I have had the Melie bag for a little over two years and have not used it! It just never seemed to be the right bag to carry and always worried about the vachetta-- but besides my neurosis I have a question. I know that a lot of people have had issues with this bag, but that is not my question. I will be super careful with it knowing the issues

    My question is, when you carry it, do you carry it with both straps? I want them to patina together but seems like a potential hazard, like spilling something--again, I am nuts. I was thinking of taking it tonight to when I pick my husband up from the airport and wondering how most carry it? Thanks!
  2. The handful of times I’ve carried the Melie has been with the shoulder strap alone with the Crossbody strap off and stored in the dust bag. Sadly, the bag is too “North/South” for me so I’m going to list the bag for sale and hope the slightly different patina will not be a deterrent.
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