Question on the Massai

  1. I was taking a look at the reference thread and as you can see in my signature - I'm in love with the Massai. It's beautiful! :love: However, while I have read that many people order their Birkins and Kellys in a variety of colors and leathers, I was wondering if it was possible to order the Massai in a similar fashion. Specifically - I need to have this bag in clemence Rose Shocking. NEED! :drool:

    Is this something I could work with an SA on? My closest store is miles and miles away from me, so I don't want to make a trip out there just to have them tell me no. :sad: Plus, this is going to be a future purchase (as I don't have $3000 lying around), so I don't know if I would have to do a special order or if it's something that I could find in a store somewhere.

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. I love the Massai, too! It's such a great, fun bag.

    I've never seen rose shocking in clemence, although my store doesn't have the world's best leather book. Maybe one of the experts can weigh in.

    My boutique doesn't carry the Massai style at all, but my SAs have always been able to do a computer search and bring the bag to my store for me to check out. I only have them do this if I'm 95% sure I'm buying a bag when I see it. They also can do an order in Paris if the bag you want isn't available.

    WhooHoo! Another Massai convert!
  3. I believe that as long as a leather is available in a color that any bag can be ordered in that color/leather. But as GGA says have your SA do a search.
  4. I also love the massai, and last April saw one in fucsia in Amsterdam store! Could have been rose shocking, as both colors are very similar, but I can assure I've seen one in the color you want. Just check it out with your store so they can do a search for you!
  5. I love the PM Massai and would love to have it in a brown colour some day. Never seen a Massai in Rose shocking.
  6. I love the Massai too! Good luck on your search ;)