Question on the Dark Brown Leathers

  1. Hi there -- I'm just a bit confused as to the difference between Ebene and Chocolate. Which is darker? I had a look at the "Browns" Colour Reference section, and in some photos Ebene looked darker, while Chocolate looked darker in others. I think the SA's at my store sometimes get confused as well!

    Does anybody have any photos of Chocolate and Ebene side-by-side?

  2. The difference is with ebene you may need to add milk and sugar, lol.

    Is that a meerkat in your avatar??? :smile:
  3. jasperella, good question, glad you asked it...I was wondering the same. I think it may vary depending on the leather. My ebene Barenia is VERY can pass as black if you don't look closely and it's dark. I have not seen ebene and chocolat textured leathers side by side, so, that is where I am confused too. I would guess that ebene is a tad darker but I don't really know. Someone must though!
  4. IMO, ebene is the darkest. Sometimes it's confused with black, the way to distinguish ebene from black is to look at the stitching, it's brown on the ebene bags.
  5. OK, I have a Massai in ebence clemence, and have ordered aBirkin in chocolate togo. Im ny opinion, in my Sa's opinion, according to the colour swatches in the store leather book, and the stock they had available to look at, chocolate is definitely lighter, and ebene has that whole "black undertone' thing happening. I really had a good, hard look at this, because I didn't want to end up with two same looking leathers, even worse, clemence can look like togo and vise versa!
  6. My bolide is chocolate clemence, at least I think it's clemence. It is a very rich dark brown, with neither yellow nor red undertones predominating. It's very easy to wear with all black, surprisingly, even though it's not a black-brown at all. If I didn't know the name of the color and someone asked me, I'd say......chocolate!
  7. I think I'm just going to have to go into the store and spend some time with that leather book!
  8. ^^^Hermes NYC has a large small leather goods department. I spend week after week in there memorizing colors and leathers. I would pick up an agenda, guess the leather and color, check the tag to see if I were correct. I actually recommend this to people learning for the first time. It's how I taught myself.
  9. While I would say ebene is generally darker than chocolate in an "apples to apples" comparison (ie, comparing same leather in each color), the biggest difference in my opinion is the shade of brown. Chocolate is the color of a Hershey bar, whereas ebene is the color of a dark coffee bean. Ebene is a more "charcoal" brown. Chocolate is a more "purple" brown. I really like both colors and I am not normally a brown fan. I have a chocolate togo birkin bag with PH and I find it looks good with almost anything. In particular, it looks great with black, navy, or any grey. I would actually like to buy an ebene bag of some sort, even though I already have black and chocolate bags. I wouldnt really find it redundant.
  10. Ebene is great. I mainly wear black and have very little brown in my wardrobe, but I have no problem incorporating it into various outfits, seamlessly...
  11. Jedimaster described the two browns beautifully. I'm definitely a big fan of ebene, particularly in combination with gold hardware.
  12. check out the recent bag added to the bolide thread - it's ebene togo. yum!

    and omgd, pepper, ebene in barenia:drool: is there a pic of this anywhere? is it a bag or accessory? how old? how is it aging?
  13. Thanks, HH! I just headed over there soon as I saw your post^^. Isn't this colour an absolute beauty?:love: I know it's a very dark and neutral colour but everytime I lay eyes on it, it takes my breath away, just like Rose Shocking for others. :girlsigh:
  14. greentea is a major addict of ebene. i really love those colors that are complicated, that can morph a bit, depending on what they're next to, and that i can have different, or i should say, varying reactions too. something super bright and happy, lol, that's too much pressure on me to always respond feeling happy.
  15. I have an ebene and toile birkin 35 and used to have a chocolate 35 in courcheval. Here are a couple of pictures to compare.