Question on the "cloud line"

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  1. not sure of all the names, can anyone help me with names/prices of all. Plus, do you feel this bag is "classic" enough to stand the test of time or too trendy. It's not cheap and I wouldn't want to purchase it only to have it look dated after a year or so...
  2. IMO the extra large sizes look trendy and could get dated. But the Cirrus, Stratus PM and the new Nimbus PM could stand the test of time I think :smile:
  3. I agree....the extra large sizes might be trendy.
  4. the names and prices are in the limited edition reference thread,
    and i think the smaller bags will be classic!
  5. I think the line will generally stay classic. It's not overly logoed, subtle and in a versatile, long lasting material.
  6. I think they are adorable! How delicate are they??
  7. I am looking forward to getting the Nimbus PM. I've WL for both Perle and Anthracite. I'm just hoping that I'll love them when I finally see them IRL.
  8. It's lambskin, and I think the leather makes the bags classic. Like Rebecca said, they're very subtle pieces of LV, unlike the Tribute or the Franges, for example.
  9. I'm so in love with this line right now - I hope it does remain a classic as I'd like to still see it around in years to come.
  10. i think irregardless of the size, it will be a classic look for years to come. i think the size more than anything else should fit your life style, body shape etc. but the materials and subtlety of the bag should last a long time.
  11. I just got my Stratus Pm yesterday .. I love this line.. !! I cant wait to get my hands on the other pieces !! It is just so soft to touch .. so huggable !! Love it love it love it !!