Question on the Betty - which do prefer?

  1. Do you prefer the Betty with rings or no rings and why? Those who have the Betty without the rings - have you had any problem with the zippers?

    I have a large (I think) chocolate Betty - without the rings on hold. It is on sale for $719 down from $1800! I have been looking for a Chloe bag for travel and I like the Betty. It is soft, light and has little hardware to get scratched up in the X-ray machine. The only catch is I like the one with the rings better. However, I have not seen many of these Betties lately - only the chain strap ones. This is such a good color and good price for the Betty and I am afraid I will not find another at such a low price point. Thanks for your help!:s
  2. I don't own either, but I prefer the Betty with rings.. it gives it more of an edgier look.

    If you really like the betty with the rings, then wait for it to come along. No sense it getting a bag you're not really happy with. If you don't mind be patient, your Betty will pop up eventually.
  3. Which ones are the ones with rings? - if they aren't the chain strap versions? Do you mean ring pulls on the zippers???
  4. Hi. I have the Betty Chain tote. Is that the the one you are referring to? I haven't carried it as of yet, but, I plan to take it this weekend on one of those "cattle call" weekend flights. (moooooooov over). :wtf: I will let you know how it goes!
    Like yourself, I bought the larger Betty for travel purposes also.
    If I was you, I would go ahead buy the choco one take it home and play with it a few days so you can get a better idea. You can always return it.
    I really love the look of the chains but, I can see how the chainless might be easier and less fuss when traveling.
    Bettys are so cute and versitile!
  5. I have betty hobo. It's a very nice bag, great for travel too, ao many pockets for passport, tickets etc. but i like only betties with rings (you mean rings on zippers, right?), it gives the bag more unique look, without them it looks just plain. I saw 2 betties together, 1 with rings, the second without, there is really a difference!
  6. Thanks for everyone's input and I did mean the Betty with the rings on the zippers. Not the chain strap Betty - sorry for the confusion!
  7. I like the Betty with rings, specially on the chocolate or the black patent one. Looks very sleek! I saw a lady with this bag while I was in line at Sprinkles Cupcakes in L.A. and I was so close to tapping her shoulder if I can hold it but I was able to control myself. ;)
  8. Yes Rings! It adds so much more than the plain zipper pulls!
  9. At first I didn't like the rings because the clash between the gold ring and the silver hardware. But with time, I prefer them because they are more the "Chloe" look. Without the pulls and the rings, it looks very much like any duffle to me. Either way though, definitely get the one that works for you!
  10. ^ I agree, I also prefer the Betty with the rings. In my opinion, the rings add something extra to the bag. There are also the small studs on the base of the straps that add more sparkle to the bag. Take the bag home for a few days and see how you like this one. The chocolate leather is TDF!
  11. I have a small black Betty without the rings because I always liked the Betty a lot but didn't like the rings at all and when they finally made the Bettys without rings last year I bought one. I really love this bag as it is easy to wear and it looks stylish without being to modern KWIM?
  12. I prefer the there any way you can add the rings to a bag that comes with them??
  13. I have one without rings, I actually like them both ways but I'm perfectly happy with mine w/o, it's a little more discreet on such a large bag.....mine has the rectangularish zipper pulls which sometimes are a little hard to open and close the small pockets but nothing that annoying, and the main compartment has the large leather chloe stamped tab attached to the zipper which is great. I say it's a good price and if you plan to use it for travel, not having the rings may work out just fine.
  14. I have a python Betty with the rings. I think the rings are much more unique, and spices up the bag more than the regular rectangle zipper pulls.
  15. The rings are so much more interesting!