Question on the alignment of C's

  1. I was in the coach outlet last week and was looking at a messenger/diaper bag style that I thought I might purchase for my niece for her new baby. I noticed that along the front piece of leather that goes down the front flap of the bag that the mini c's were not the in the same placement/layout on each side of this leather strip. I always thought that this was a sign that the bag could be a fake, if the c's did not align properly.

    Anyway, I questioned the SA and she said that this was normal on many signature bags. Only if the pattern was going uphill or downhill would it be considered a problem. I did not like her answer, and I did not like the looks of the bag with the misaligned c's. I thought on the forum, knowknockoffs, they said that we should look for unaligned c's as a tip-off as not being authentic.

    Checked on eBay and all bags of this style (77004) do not align the c's the same on each side of the leather strip either. I would have thought all of these sellers were selling fakes if this issue had not come up!

    I wish I had taken a pic of the bag with my cell phone but the SA's just hang so close to you it is sometimes sooo annoying. If anyone has any info on this alignment issue please advise. Thanks!
  2. I've read here that you really can't go with the exact lining up of the signature print when it comes to the mini-signature print.
  3. yeah, I once seen a soho w/ small c's @ Von Maur that were not perfect, just slightly off. I thought it was the oddest thing. It was on the sale, hmm, wonder why...
  4. mini signature won't be perfect. it should be pretty close, though.
  5. i miss mini signature.
  6. I was looking at this wallet this weekend at the Coach store in the SF shopping center:


    was rather shocked to see that the C's were very noticeably crooked. WTH?
  7. Mini Signature is very tricky, it's so tiny and it's hard to line up at times. The SA was correct and she gave you the right answer, the mis-aligned c's theory is wack in my opinion at times. When people come into the store examining bags and saying they don't look real, they look crazy. We are Coach, we know our product, we're educated by the people who create the bags and we try to give customers the best answers possible.

    Also, the SA probably hung close because pictures are forbidden in the store.
  8. -________- it's not only the mini c's but also the hampton's scarf print as well as some signature...

    but to tell you the truth, if you brought in a super grade fake AAA bag and compared it with a coach bag i'd still be able to tell the difference....even if the super grade AAA fake decided to line up the c's.