Question on Sunglasses

  1. Help! I have been debating sunglasses for a bit, and was considering getting style 5127b in black, but then tonight I tried on style 5083 (like the link below) and loved them! I tried on both pairs, my eyelashes kind of hit the 5127b and I was having a hard time justifying the extra $200 when I really liked the other pairs as well.

    Can anyone tell me what season the 5083 style is from? And am I crazy not buying the 5127b?

    Here are the 5083's (don't know if this pair is authentic, for demonstrative purposes only)

    Here is a pic of the 5127b (courtesy of Smoothopter)

    Ok, what do you all think???
  2. I have to go with the third link, the MOP, I think these are great. They look a bit big on everyone, but I think unless you have a tiny little face you can do it.
  3. I don't know season for the sunnies. . . the MOP's are by far the most common. . . when I go to my DD's gymnastics class there's a minimum of 3 of us w/ these sunnies perched atop our heads.:push:
    I wear mine ALL THE TIME because they're by far the msot comfortable pair of sunnies I've ever owned.

    As far as aesthetics, I prefer Monica's, those are divine:love:
    Do you like to put them on top of your head? The plastic ones work better for that:yes:
  4. Thank you ladies! I honestly liked both the 5083 and the MOP on my head the best. The ones Monica has looked great on my face, but not so great as a headband. The only thing that made me lean towards the pearls is that they are slightly (ever so slightly) smaller than the MOPs which are hot, but I do have a smaller face. Shoot. What to do!!!
  5. my face is a little small too. . . I'd go and try both pair again. . . mix them up so you can't see which is which and choose the ones that fit the best:yes:
  6. Good call Swanky! You are always the voice of reason!!! Thank you!
  7. Get them both, geez..
  8. :winkiss:
  9. Roflmao!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I just bought my second pair of these yesterday. I have the black and now the tortoise-shell. They are the BEST sunglasses I have ever had. My face is a bit small too. I posted this morning photos (not modeling ones; no shower yet). I would get the MOP (5076). :tup:
  11. where did you buy the 5076? The only ones I see on eBay are fakes, well according to the authenticity tips I read in tPF
  12. Ok ladies! I went and did the test that Swanky suggested, and came home with the MOP (5076)! They rock. Plain and simple. I am one happy girl!

    Thank you again for all of your advice!!!!

    simseema I bought mine from Neimans. They had plenty if you are looking for some!!!
  13. i just called nieman marcus...they retail for $350...damn...i was hoping to not spend over $300
  14. woohoo Jag! You just can't beat their fit can you!?
    I knew if you judged it anonymously on fit alone you'd choose those.