Question on Suhali lines

  1. :confused1:Hi all, I was considering getting a Suhali purse. Could anyone tell me if the Suhali Le Talentueux is a decent size or if the Suhali Le Fabuleux is bigger. Thank you!
  2. The Le Fab is huge!
  3. Ok, thanks. I had considered buying the first one, still not sure if I like the plum color though.
  4. :love: le fab. one day...
  5. I find le talentueux to be quite big and spacious.
    Le fab is ginormous and too boxy imo... (oh I'm 5'2 and 98lbs for ref.)
  6. You are a tiny thing! lol I am 5'8" and tend to carry wayyy too much. The person I buy my LV from got in a plum one, just wasn't sure about that color.