question on styles for age

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  1. so i have a question for you lovely ladies. do you think anything quilted is too "old" or "sophisticated" for me? i'm still in college and don't want to spend money on things that aren't going to work for me anymore. i am currently trying to rid of a bag that i am almost postive doesn't work for me. it's quilted, gold chain & HW, and python embossed. should i just stick to plain black leathers instead of quilted and exotic-y? i also want to buy things that will last me forever without being too "mature" or anything to trendy that can become dated. i love the look of quilted but am beginning to doubt that it can work for me at this age.

    please let me know what you think!
  2. No, lol!
    Doesn't Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus, etc. . . all carry quilted Chanel bags? :yes:

  3. ya that's very true, but i am no way a super fashionista like they are! :P

    does it really make a difference whether it is quilted or not?
  4. I think it depends on the style of the rest of the bag.

    Hope on (I think that's it) and search quilted and handbags and look at the variety of options. Some overstuffed (think Chanel cocoon or bubble bags) are very youthful quilts. Other hobos or satchels incorporate quilting in such a way that its very fresh. And quilted fabrics/nylon/etc. - materials besides leather - are very youthful as well, IMO. Hunt around and you'll find the perfect quilted bag for you!
  5. I think one's taste and style change throughout life. I go through phases of severe minimalism or very 'adventurous' which seems nothing to do with age.

    It's my mother who carries shocking pink and turqoise hobos and I am the one who yearns for a Hermes Black box sellier ghw and now have all her vintage black quilted Chanels. Go figure :shrugs:
  6. My thought too! haha.

    I have been noticing how blingy older women dress sometimes.

    It's as if they start loving glitter and stuff when they get older.

    I'm talking older here though.

    And I'm not saying everyone. Just noticed a lot of older ladies with bright and/or shiny and sequin-y stuff.
  7. OMG! My old landlady in Los Angeles was easily 80, but she had the body of a 20 year old. She loved to wear fake acrylic nails with designs on them, jeans with studs and sequins down the size, 5" heels and skin tight leopard print t-shirt with sparkles. Her glasses were all blinged out as well. She drove a red Camaro with 4 exhaust pipes! She was amazing and I loved watching her defy all expectations and live life exactly the way she wanted to.

    As for the OP, you wear what you like! Don't let society dictate what you like. I have long lived by that motto. I am over 40, but love to rock vintage clothes, wacky hair colors and whatever I please. Life is too short to care about where you should fit in. Live it your way and don't care about anyone else.
  8. I think that there are some really classic quilted bags that will never really ever go out of style or (when worn fittingly) would look terribly out of place (*cough* Chanel Flap *cough*). I agree that something that is both quilted, and exotic embossed at the same time is something you'd want to get rid of (probably looks a little young as you mentioned), but one of the other in a really simple classic shape will always be great for evening attire or to dress up an otherwise plain outfit. As opposed to oversized quilted bags, go for smaller trimmed quilted bags, and perhaps exotics that have structure to them - something to balance out the material or style that takes it away from being too trendy or age-specific.

    As was mentioned by papertiger everyone goes through phases in their style. If there's something that you deem horridly trendy in your wardrobe or atm, then probably best to give it a little consideration before investing in additional pieces in that style.
  9. Side note though...aren't we supposed to be encouraging you not to buy anything...?
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    hehe, anonymous, xxxx.

    but everyone poses a very good point. thanks for the opinions everyone!!
  11. I resemble that remark!
    Linhhhuynh, don't worry about forever. You'll box yourself in to one style and inhibit your creative expression. If a structured black box with quilting makes your heart skip a beat then do that. If red plaid with a crown on it makes you dizzy, do that. Bags should be fun and allow you to make a statement, whether that be a whisper or a shout out.
  12. I agree with you. I think as we age we do tend to like the brighter colors and shinier "stuff". Maybe it's because with age, you're less inhibited, don't mind standing out in a crowd ( because we really don't care what people think anymore) and have had it up to here with being "safe" and wearing common sense neutrals all our lives. True, some women go overboard with the bling, but I do think our tastes change and we're much more amenable to trying new things and being different as we age.