Question on stellina

  1. How do you guys wear your stellina? Can it fit nicely on the shoulder? How bulky is it? Is it a messenger bag? Can someone please post me pics...pretty please :smile: I am thinking of getting one but I prefer shoulder bag. They don't sell it here so I cannot even try it on. Thanks for your help ;)
  2. yea, i blame bubblesung too. the stellina looks so cute on her on the shoulder. i ordered one today... :yahoo:
  3. What print did you order? I want one in a Transporto print when it comes out but i'm soooo tempted to just buy on in a l'amore print!.. and i'm not even that into the l'amore print! Hahahah Damn you, bubblesung!!! hahahah no, no... shame on me for being so easily persuaded!
  4. would you guys think the stellina could be worn comfortably as a messenger?
  5. I think that the stellina could def. be worn comfortably as a messenger bag, it's just not my personal style.
  6. good to know thanks!
    I'm always on the go I teach at a college so I walk and carry a lot of stuff but on a lighter day this may be a nice alternative to my timbuk2 bag which is utility size...i considered the campeggio but it's about the same size as my timbuk2 bag.
  7. i ordered the paradiso. if i like it a lot, i might even get another one in either spiaggia or notte. the l'amore print is soooo cute! (MamaxJam, get the l'amore stellina! LOL!) but, alas, i don't do gold hardware...

    someone posted a really good toki rule: only one bag per print. right now, i only have a citta scuola and the paradiso stellina on the way. but i have a feeling that i will break that rule when spiaggia comes out...
  8. for personal reasons I amend that rule to two per print ;)

  10. I have a Paradiso Stellina and just bought an Inferno Stellina, and one of the things I LOVE about this bag is that I can wear it as a shoulder bag when I'm out by myself, or sling it as a messenger when I'm wrestling with kids and kiddy paraphernalia and need to have my hands free without worrying about a bag slipping off my shoulder. I LOVE this bag!
  11. where did you find your inferno stellina??? Im looking for one!! :biggrin:
  12. I have the foresta and adios stellinas and I really like the size. It's perfect for my everyday use and doesn't get in the way when I'm shopping or anytime I need my hands to be free :smile:
  13. I paid crazy $ for this one (below) on eBay, cause it had perfect placement of my favorite print on my favorite bag with my favorite character (toothbrushing skeleton) on the front pocket flap. I'll use it everyday and justified paying $60 over retail because I saved about $150 under retail for all my other tokis combined. It's great how we can rationalize this stuff, huh? :lol:
    Now if anybody knows where I can get a great Inferno Cucciolo, I'll be all set! :nuts:
  14. I have 2 Stellinas (Inferno and Citta) that I prefer wearing as a messenger. It tends to slip off my shoulder when I try using it as a shoulder bag. The thing I love about the Stellina is that you can adjust the strap to fit either way, and it fits a TON of stuff :smile: