Question on SO

  1. How long does it usually take for an SO to arrive?
    I had the opporunity to order a bicolor in togo and chevre.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. depends on the leather but for a true so anything between 6 month to open end. if the colours and leathers are current i say on the lower end between 6-12 month
  3. Thank you so much lilach and welcome back.
    I always like reading your posts.
    So would it be safe to say that the togo would probably come first than the chevre?
  4. well togo is rare these days but jup still faster then chevre
  5. I agree with lilach's time frames--
    It may also depend on the store. An SO from the mothership may be likely to fall closer to the 6-month mark.
  6. some wait a year or two but mostly for exotics, for reg leathers maybe not so long, but for chevre maybe a little longer since it is not too plentiful right now? hope you get yours soon.
  7. If mine arrives when my SA thinks it will, it will have taken 12 months, but it's not extraordinarily special, it just was changed from a PO to an SO because the leather and colour I wanted wasn't on offer at the Podium my SA tried at, so he SO'd it for me. Lilach's timeframes are correct.
  8. What is the time difference between a PO and a SO??
  9. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I think that a podium order must fit within the guidelines of what H is offering that season (i.e. no box, a color only in certain leathers, etc.) as it is ordered as part of the store's upcoming inventory whereas an SO is placed 100% specifically for a particular client at any point during the year, materials and leathers selected regardless of current availability.
  10. ^ that's right.
  11. There are apparently deadlines for submitting SOs. It's usually 2 months after each Podium. If one's store accepts SOs at other times of the year, it does not mean that they get submitted to Paris right away. The store manager will retain that SO and wait till the order season re-opens.
  12. LMAO - it sounds like "hunting season". Where did I leave my bird-call?
  13. Thank you everyone for responding.
    Now does each store has a limit on the amount of SO they can take?
  14. yes they sure do! and believe me it is limited. but as always depends on the store and the stores value of sales of last year.
  15. thanks ladies for the info-I was confused re SO vs PO too!