Question on SO with Horseshoe stamp

  1. Pardon me if this has been asked, I want to ask when did SO start to come with Horseshoe Stamp? I am eying one SO in Tokyo with data stamped with J, but there is no horseshoe stamp... Given all my SOs in the past few years are with the horseshoe stamp... so I just want to double check.

    Thanks every one for your help!
  2. I can't remember when it started, but the horshoe is only for SO bi-color and up (or different stitching).
    So if the one you are eying is SO for the leather or color or size, it wont have the horshoe.
  3. Yes, it is true. I too don't remember when the horse shoe thing started, but if I am not wrong it should be around five years ago.
    Maybe some other member can chime in with a better idea on the right date...

    One last thing. To my knownledge, when you put in a SO that is supposed to have a horseshoe stamp, if you make it clear that you DON'T want she horseshoe stamp they will not put it. Or at least it was like that until a while back. This also may explain why some SO recent bags don't have a horseshoe stamp.
  4. A J stamp would not be consistent with the info I have seen about when the horseshoe stamp was introduced.
  5. A J stamped bag would be one made in 2006. The horseshoe wasn't introduced till SS2009. Over the latter part of 2010, some SOs that arrived at my store didn't even have the horseshoe stamps and the SAs thought that Paris discontinued it. Then the horseshoe stamps reappeared in the later months of 2010!
  6. One of my SOs, ready in end December 2010 but collected in January 2011 (from FSH), has the horseshoe stamp. But I was told that O stamped SOs do not appear to have the horseshoe stamp.
  7. Thanks every one! i did call my SM back home and she can't remember when the horse-shoe stamp was introduced too. but then she agrees and said some bags dont have it.

    for my own SO that arrived in the past two years, there were horseshoe stamp on both bags> but for another tri-color kelly i bot in stores(not SO), it did not have horse-shoe.

    my memory is the same as mrs.sparkles, that it's only been introduced in the past two to three years.... bur my friend agrees with trama turgo that it's introduced 5 years ago. so just hope to confirm with u experts!

    thanks so much for all ur help!
  8. This is completely consistent with my own knowledge.
  9. Thanks Babebi, so it will not be weird for a J stamp SO bag without horse shoe? thanks heaps!
  10. If I understand your question correctly, based on what I know, no.
  11. Many thanks!
  12. Orit could be that it was a predetermined SO as the first two tone kellys white and blue Jean or tricolors gold rougeH and ebene also there are a few two tone crocs and ostrich pieces that were offered as main collection bags so could be and the horse shoe is a much later addition than the introduction of SO .
  13. The horseshoe stamp is only on bi or tri color SO bags. For instance, if you wanted a rose shocking SO B30 with normal RS lining, it would NOT have the stamp even if you specifically requested it as part of the SO.

    If you ordered the same SO RS B30 with iris lining, it WOULD have the stamp.

    Make sense?
  14. ^^^yep, I got a chartreuse birkin as an SO, but no horseshoe. My black birkin with white stitching has a horseshoe.
  15. Or if it's a single coloured bag and with specially requested contrast stitching of a colour that is not standard with the colour of the skin.

    I think the discontinuation, however brief, did happen as the word out there was that Paris wasn't pleased scammers were using the horseshoe stamps on their fakes and demanding premium for it.

    I was expecting not to see any more horseshoe stamps at the end of last year, so when I saw it again, I had expressed surprise.

    Going back to the OP, as you are considering a 2006 bag, I hope the seller is trustworthy, that you can have it authenticated officially before you part with your money.