Question on skin..."skin deep"? Gross factor

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  1. Hi Beauty gurus out there... I don't mean to gross anyone out...(feel free to direct me to elsewhere if this is not the right area to be)

    But I never really heard or knew about these types of things. and starting to experience it... Skin tags? :wtf:

    Ok it's seems kinda gross to me but does anyone know to get rid of? Or why they happen? and why is it grossing me out? Not really gross large ones but little bumps of skin that was never there before and somehow there now. Particularly on my eyelid.:sad: Seemed to have noticed it more recently when I put on eyeshadow? Can makeup or skincare be a factor?

    Is this normal? and should I just got to a regular dermatologist? Would getting it remove scar or take a long time? I'm almost embarrassed.:shrugs:
  2. If you do a search, I think this topic has been discussed here several times.
  3. what is a skin tag?
  4. ^^Google Jahp! Its like a mole, kinda, but only attached to the skin by a little bit of skin. Does that make sense? If you google it, you'll get a better explanation.

    OP: do a quick search, there are a few threads on the topic, and there are many different (easy!) solutions.
  5. ^ thanks!

    I googled and saw photos.