Question on Size of Ali vs Slim Flap

  1. When I look on Coach's website, it makes me very confused about sizes. The leather Ali is listed as 13x9-3/4x5-3/4. The SIGNATURE Ali is listed at 13x9-1/2x3-1/2 and the Cotton Slim Flap is listed as 13x10-1/4x2.

    Is the signature really slimmer than the leather Ali? Is the Slim Flap actually taller? I thought all the Alis had the same dimensions and that the only difference on the Slim Flap was how deep it is. Is the leather Slim Flap different yet? :confused1:

    I'm trying to decide between a slim flap and an Ali, but the Ali seems so deep that I think it is just plain too big. Anyone have both an Ali and a Slim Flap to compare? Opinions?
  2. The slim flap, either in leather or signature is a bit smaller in appearance maybe an inch smaller, I am not sure of the exact measurements. It is also not as deep. The Ali is almos 4 or 5 inches deep and the slim flap is only about 2 inches deep. It is a smaller bag and not as heavy. The strap is also not as thick as the Ali which I like. The thicker one goes over my shoulder in width. It looks just as nice, you just cannot fit as much in it. If you do not carry much, it is a perfect bag. I have the signature in espresso and black and a matching wristlet. I am wating for the black leather in in the same style. It is numbr 10327. Hope that helps.
  3. The leather ones are not available on the website. Is it available through the 1-800#? Does it run the same price as the cotton slim flaps ($378) or is it the standard $20 upcharge for leather, making it $398? I might have to order one if they are available.

    Now if I could only decide between whiskey and black... I adore the whiskey, but it is likely I wouldn't like it to patina, and I wear mostly black, so black is probably a better bet.
  4. But looking at the photos, I am disappointed that the bags have no sides at all - at least the cotton ones do not. They simply have a seam where front meets back, allowing for very little room inside. I see that it says 2", but it sure looks like less.

    Can't there be something between almost 6" and barely 2"?!?
  5. Well, I don't have the slim flap but I do have the ali's and they are GREAT!! :tup: I do not carry a lot of things but she is perfect... and the wide strap fits SO comfortably on my shoulder.. she is my very favorite bag! As far as black or whiskey, I am a brown girl but the whiskey was too orangey for me.. I have the real brown color that was sold at dept stores and LOVE it but now I have a carly in chocolate so I am selling my brown ali and keeping the ali in black... I LOVE it in black.. it is really pretty!! Either way I don't really think you can go wrong! Check out the ali support group thread too! :tup:
  6. :idea:Hey! Get one of each and decide which one to keep. Ali leather is about 5-3/4 deep at the bottom. I have the Zebra Slim flap 2" and although there is no side panel there is volume, and it will expand (but too much makes it bulge). I can fit a wallet and wristlet, glasses, but Ali for everyday is roomier for me.