Question on Signature Wristlet

  1. I am wanting this wristlet, went to the Coach store yesterday and they told me that they didn't have them anymore, it was headed to the outlets soon probably. However, another Coach location still has them as do Macy's, Dillards, etc.

    I have just started looking at all the time so I am not sure how long this has been out, anyone know? You think it really might be headed for the outlet soon? With all my other Coach purchases in the past week, I am really not wanting to spend $88 on it and would love to get it at the outlet. I am new to the whole Coach thing so I am not sure what the likelihood is and yes I did read that Coach outlet post.

    Thanks for any thoughts! I did buy the smaller Hamptons Sig wristlet, but I like this size better I think.

  2. I got one about 6 months ago....from eBay though. I think i paid around $40.00.
    good luck
  3. Hasn't been out that long. Stores in NJ have them maybe try ordering it from the store. There is no shipping charge and I am sure they can track one down for you.
  4. The store in RI still has them, last time I check was about two weeks ago though. It hasnt been out too long, and yes you can order it from the store (no shipping charges when you go that route) or you can just order it online...either way its such a cute wristlet!
  5. well iono if this helps but i went to my store saturday and they had it.
  6. My aunt got me that one for Christmas but I exchanged it. They had a ton at my store.
  7. The outlet in Lancaster, PA had the spring (maybe early fall?) version of the duffle wristlet, but it had buckles on it.