question on shipping label~

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  1. well, I sold a LV bag almost a month ago and everything went well.
    I didn't print out a shipping label through paypal though. Since then I haven't log on to my e-bay account until today, and my account says I need to ship the item where as the buyer already received it a million years ago~ Just wondering how do i get rid of that if I didn't print out the label via e-bay? is that's why the buyer can't leave me a feedback?
    Sorry, it's my first time selling stuff on ebay, the whole selling thing is pretty new to me~
    thanks for yall help!~:P
  2. Usually it automatically shows as having been shipped as the two are linked. A while back though there was a glitch.
    Where it says print shipping label, click on the v tab at the side and 'mark as shipped' should come up as an option.
    Your buyer should still have been able to leave feedback regardless of this.
    Hope this is helpful!
  3. In the items sold area, there should be a drop down menu next to the item that probably says "print shipping label" (cause it thinks you haven't), click on that and select "mark as shipped" and it will change it.
  4. got it! thank u sooooo much ladies!:nuts: