Question on shipping bags...

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  1. Okay I am debating between the carly and the legacy shoulder tote.. I already bought the ali and am thinking it's not for me.. anyway, I do not live near a coach store and I was able to get the PCE discount while on a trip out of state last week... now that I am home, can I call the SA and have her ship the bags to me so I can still get the PCE discount? I hope so!!! :tup:
  2. You should be able to.
  3. yeah I hope so.. it was too early to call, the store wasn't open yet but I think I will call and see. Any idea on if they charge shipping or not?
  4. they usually don't charge for shipping. they will deliver it to the store and you can pick it up or you can have it delivered to a location of your choosing. i've had free express shipping when i use my normal SA and have had free regular shipping when working with other girls.