question on selling

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  1. I am not really a collector of bags .. more of just a user. I buy a bag and use it for 3-6 months and then am ready for something new. So I sell that bag (on eBay) and buy a new one. Reason being, I'm not one to go back to an old bag so why let it sit never being used. I do have a few special bags of course that I've kept (more for sentimentality = special gifts).

    When you're shopping on eBay do you prefer to see all items listed together or separately in case you don't want/need all of them?? Other sellers which way do you find to be better?

    I've usually listed items separately with enough of a time gap so buyer can bid on both if they wish ..
  2. You usually make more $$$ selling separate.
  3. agreed

    this will probably be moved to the ebay forum since it has more to do with ebay than coach

    usually you make more if you separate stuff out, take great pics up close and list at a reasonable price (look online and see what they're selling for)
  4. I would say sell them seperately.
  5. Ditto! Most of the time you make more $$ when selling separately.
  6. sell them separately but have a note at the bottom about cutting a deal on shipping if they buy more than one piece you are selling.
  7. You can add a blurb like see my other auctions for the coordinating wallet or visa versa.
  8. Never sell a lot of deisgner bags, cheapens the whole thing
  9. Handbags IMO, should always be sold separately. Unless you have a handbag and wallet/wristlet match.

    My DD's clothing, I sell in lots (a number of pieces).
  10. Totally agree to all of above, sell them separately.
  11. I absolutely agree-I do a similar thing-A bag gets too heavy, or my taste changes-most of the time I take a small loss, or every now and then, make a small profit. Always sell them seperately. Good Luck!
  12. Always separately. Paypal only protects $2000 max anyway, so selling a lot of designer bags is dangerous and I think no buyer in their right mind would risk it. Same for the seller. If you get 1 lousy buyer you're least separately you're spreading out the risk...I also agree that selling a bunch of bags together screams wholesale/cheap
  13. i think you mean like 4 different bag auctions ending at the same time vs 1 a day or 1 a week correct? not a lot of 4 bags? if you mean starting a whole bunch of auctions at the same time i think it doesn't hurt because most people will only be interested in 1 bag but if you have say 4 if they don't like 1 they can check out the others. or buy more than one and combine shipping (if you allow that). i know i have lists of favorite sellers but i never check back to see what they have. but if someone has something listed that i like i will click on their other auctions to see if there's anything else i want. kwim?
  14. I USUALLY like buying them separately. However, the one time I bought something as a set was when I got my LV pink/pink Cherry Blossom cles and pochette. Though I have to admit, I got that set for about the price of the pochette only. Instead of it being about $500 for the pochette and $200 for the cles, I got both for around $500.
  15. I would sell them seperately too. Clothing, movies, video games, etc. is what you tend to see in lots.