Question on Selling to and Shipping International ....

  1. OK, so I am going to list a Balenciaga bag and normally I do not ship outside USA and Canada but this time I was going to, soooo ....

    is it a good idea to have International buyers pay using Bidpay?
    also, will the buyer have to pay any customs fees or can I mark as a gift?
    how do I add the immediate payment required for Paypal???

    any suggestions or tips greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. I've never used Bidpay, so no advice there. As for customs, you don't wanna lie on a federal form, not a good idea. But if you choose to mark it as a gift, that doesn't necessarily mean the buyer won't have to pay duty taxes, depends on the country.

    You can only ad immediate payment for BIN if paypal is your only method of payment.
  3. Frankly, I don't know about BidPay & payment require coz I never did it but for shipping, if you declare it as a gift, used bag, and the value under $50, your buyer won't pay custom
  4. if your buyer wants you to mark as a gift and down value, make sure they know that you will accept no responsibility if the parcel gets lost, as you won't be able to claim the full value back due to it being undervalued, i usually mark as a gift but enter the full value, no advice on bidpay either as i've never used it, i would stick with paypal if i were you
  5. If you undervalue the item on the customs form (a lie on a federal form you are required to sign with your name and address), you cannot insure the bag for full value. As the seller, you are responsible for delivering the item, no matter what you get the buyer to say. If they claim they didn't get it and do a chargeback, are you going to tell the credit card co or paypal how you lied on the forms and the buyer agreed to accept responsibility?

    I wouldn't risk it.
  6. Very well said. Don't mark the value down or lie on customs forms. You are just opening yourself up for all kinds of liability.
  7. Thank you all for the great advice!!! Will Do!!

    What is the best form of payment to accept from International buyers if they do not have a Confirmed Paypal address???
  8. Queenvictoria2, this is an issue that is discussed from time to time, maybe you can make a search on this topic here on the forum and find some answers. Being an overseas buyer myself, I have been asked sometimes to pay via Bidpay instead of Paypal, but most of the transactions I made with the States was through Paypal. I think that the problem with Paypal is only if the package got lost. But if you fully insure it and require signed delivery, then also the carrier will be responsible for it and in the worst case you will get your money back from them.
    I personally never had this kind of issues, made hundreds of transactions with US sellers and never ever had a shipment lost in transit!
  9. In Europe, besides the UK, it is not possible to get a confirmed adress.

    Instead we can become a Verified member (which I am): Verification increases the security of the PayPal network. Verified members have successfully completed PayPal's Verification system to establish their identity with us. The Verification process varies by country or region. For example, in the U.S., a Verified member has added and confirmed a bank account with PayPal. In Germany, a Verified member has completed a bank transfer or the Expanded Use Process. In most countries and regions where PayPal is available, a Verified member has added a credit card and completed the Expanded Use process.
  10. Completely true, but as other threads have shown, it seems that Paypal does not protect sellers that ship to unconfirmed addresses even in countries where confirmation is not possible. That s*cks :sad:.
  11. I totally agree with you.
    I also bought a lot overseas and luckily sellers never gave me any problems buying as a verified member but no confirmed adress.