Question on scratches on hardware???

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  1. Are they able to remove surface scratches? And do they have to send it out to do so?
    I just found a scratch on the hardware on mine:crybaby: and I am freaking out?
    Please advise?
  2. probably, but it may not be worth will constantly is part of the charm, like a patina on box calf. In europe most women prefer the slightly worn look.
  3. Thanks for the response avadome.
    This is my first birkin and just got her a few weeks ago but have used her everyday so I guess it was inevitable.
    It just bothers me everytime I see it.
  4. price to polish a H belt buckle is 85.00 usd (the nyc store told me that they have to send it to Paris but I have heard other stories from other stores). I don't know the cost for the hw on a bag. I think you should wait until it's very bad before you do it since there might be more scratches to come.
  5. I know how you feel. I just got my birkin a few weeks ago too.
  6. Thanks cxyvr.
    It's good to have an idea of how much it would be.
    I'll try not to look at it too much.
  7. Congratulations on the birkin.
    What did you get?
  8. I got a 35 gold togo with ph. How about you?

    I got a scratch on my H buckle a week after I got it. It's not a lot of money compare to the scratches I got on my car and diamond watch but it just bugged me. I know how you feel.:crybaby: When you have something new you just want to keep it in good shape as long as you can.

    After a few more scratches we all learn to let go....
  9. ^^^ I got 30cm etoupe togo with PH.

    I always have a hard time letting go...
  10. etoupe is such a cool color. congrats
  11. I personally think the scratches add some character to the bag - like I was very conscious of scratches on my wg watch when I first wore it. 3 years of wear and now it looks wonderful!