question on roxbury..

  1. I've noticed that in some threads when people post their new roxbury or whats in it, they always mention how light they need to pack it. is there a specific reason? TIA! :heart:
  2. sorry. No idea. My bags are always light. I'm a lady to a working horse! hehehe. Please don't take me wrong! I think handbags are not meant to be heavy. I have my DH to carry all the heaving stuff! I only have my agenda, cles, sunny, phone, pen and mini pochette in my handbags! Sometimes only my phone and cles!
  3. i tried on this bag at a boutique and i think what the owners meant is it's very slim- so if you put anything bulky in it and then you snap it close- it will deform the bag a bit. it's very pretty, though. still on the fence with this one.
  4. ^ agreed. Very very pretty bag. but dislike the closure bit.
  5. i need one in perle. soon mich. soon...
  6. I have the Roxbury, and no reason I can think of. Like someone said it's the bulkiness. For example, my compact zip wallet can't be put in laying flat because it would make the bag bulge, but she fits in perfectly on her side.
  7. You just need to arrange everything carefully, and don't carry too much. Think of it as an evening bag or a small bag, that's what I do.
  8. I think that its just b/c its small and so theu can close it.
  9. I think it just has to do with how one closes it-
  10. ^^^mmhmm
    the way it closes looks like it calls for certain arrangement...
  11. the Roxbury is NOT a small bag IMHO any way.

    You just have to organise it a little, cant just throw stuff in it like you can a speedy for example but its no different to other bag (ellipse etc).

    The bag to my knowledge does not go out of shape but more than the press stud fastening pops open if stuffed.

    Its a great bag, I have it and love it and it does wear well with both formal and jeans.