Question on replacement item from JAX

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  1. I called JAX today and was told that my replacement item from my order can be exchanged at the store for another color as long as I have the receipt or gift receipt. But, I read another post where it says it can only be exchanged for same item same color.

    So, before I go give this as a gift, if she decides to go to the store and exchange to another color, will they allow her to? When they scan the gift receipt will it come up it was a replacement and not allow her to exchange it? Thanks.
  2. i mean...when you do an exchange you can get an item you want and pay thre diffference...what she is doing is an I don't see why they would not let her...even if it is only a different color

    I would trust JAX
  3. Thanks. The thing I am worried about is JAX giving me the wrong info. The replacement item was for a skinny that never made it to my house.