Question on Repairs!!!

  1. hi jag... i am pretty new and don't want to start a thread and regarding chloe repairs fearing that there might already be one.
    so, have a chloe shopper and one of the metallic rivets that hold the shoulder strap cam unsnapped yesterday.. i did try to snap it back 3 more times but it keeps on coming undone... i think i might need a new rivet ...
    i just put in back in the sleeper this AM ... sadly, but how to go about the repair? this is an old 2005 chloe bought from a my poupette recommended seller ivlady... i don't intend to return it as i love it so much.. but who can repair this? thanks
  2. I think this is a great question that deserves it's own thread. Anyone have any experience with this that could shed some light???
  3. I called Chloe about a repair and they told me that all the NYC boutiques send their stuff to:
    Shoe Service Plus
    15 W 55th St
    New York, NY
    Phone: (212) 262-4823
  4. Everyone, please be extremely careful when have bags repaired even by 'Chloe authorized' agents. I speak from a very bad experience that resulted in my bag being destroyed...

    I had a gris-vert front pocket paddy and the color started fade after only 3 months. I returned it to the Chloe store where I purchased it (SCP) and they sent it out to their repair agent. If I had known they would destroy my bag, I would not have given them the OK to re-dye my bag. I took for granted that the Chloe store and repair agent knew what they were doing. It came back to me after 2 months looking like the most plastic fake you have ever seen.

    amacasa, your repair seems straight forward so I think you should be OK. Just ask a lot of questions (wish I had), be very specific about what needs to be repaired, and I would definitely recommend taking a before picture of you bag before having it repaired.
  5. thanks for all your help. now I am scared to mail it out. what if I ask the botique to send me one rivet and I can snap it myself? is that doable?
  6. I have had a couple of Chloe's repaired at the NY repair place on this thread, and they did a wonderful job. One repair was two top zippers replaced on the large black chloe travel sized paddington, and the other was a repair to one of the round "tabs" on a silverado. Both came out perfect, and I did send them to the Chloe boutique both times. They did not charge me for the repair, as "Chloe" took care of it. If you deal directly with the repair shop, of course you will be charged. But the Chloe boutique will take care of it for free. (Of course you have to pay for shipping it to them.) That said, after the second bag was repaired the manager, "Megan" told me that they didn't want to repair any more bags from me because I had not bought them at the boutique! :cursing:(I thought that was lousy, since there isn't anyplace in Chicago that I know of that can do it.) In any case, I feel that Chloe should repair their bags, especially given the cost of them...You can try to send the bags to the boutique and see if they will handle it. But the repair shop in NY did an outstanding job. :tup:My bags look EXACTLY like they did when they were purchased brand new.
  7. The rivets are not snapped together, they are screwed in. :smile:
  8. I bought a Chloe Ascot tote from eBay and the hook was missing the claw that opens and closes - it was disclosed in the auction and I got it thinking it wouldn't be a big deal to repair. I called Chloe and they were not helpful - they said I needed to return it to the store I bought it from. I went to some of the dept. stores that sell Chloe and they said unless I bought it from them they could not help me either. I ended up taking the strap off the bag that had the hook attached. My only option is a shoe/handbag repair store who said they would have to replace the hook entirely and they would match it up. Long story short - I found that unless you bought it from Chloe or dept. store they are not helpful to fix it. Good luck!
  9. I agree. I did get two repaired, and then the Chloe boutique in NY said they wouldn't do it anymore...Lousy customer service for Chloe owners. (The web site sent me to the boutique.) I should probably let them know that the boutique will not repair any bags that they don't sell, but maybe they know that already!
  10. it is interesting that chloe won't be more helpful about repairing bags that haven't been sold on their boutiques or authorized sellers...i could understand it if people were turning up with a fake bag but what about the authentic ones? the bag has already been paid by whoever bought in the first place so they did make a profit.
  11. Hey guys,

    I live in the neighborhood and will be at this repair shop on W. 55 with my scratched Shelby Leather Shopper during lunch on Tuesday. Will let you know if they're worth it!

  12. ^ Thanks (and welcome! :flowers: ), temptd! :biggrin:

    It will be very interesting to read your report. :smile:
  13. My 'magic shoe man' (cobbler) told me not to buy Chloe from a particular shop in Australia because he has had problems with customers bringing him in (new) bags to repair, and Chloe will not authenticate or agree to the repairs because the shop is not an authorised seller, even though he is their authorised repairer.

    He even mentioned TPF when I have asked him about his dealings with certain shops and whether he thought my YSL downtown was authentic (it is). He always tells me if he thinks my shoes are authentic and if I got a good deal. :biggrin:

    I think it really helps to have a good magic shoe man whom you trust.
  14. ^ He sounds great, Leroy! :tup:

    Wish I had a 'magic shoe man' like him! :biggrin:

  15. So what is the name of this shop?? In which city?