Question on purse???

  1. for those who have the purse and the city is the city smaller than the purse .is it comfortable to carry the purse on the shoulder --does one handle drop down?? and if u were to choose the purse and the city which would u go for--in terms of comfort and looks.:confused1:
  2. Yes, the City is smaller than the Purse, and the Purse fits very nicely over the shoulder and stays there. Very comfy. But I would never choose between those. I love them both! But if I had to choose, I'd say City because it captures the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag look and spirit more closely than the Purse does.
  3. i love them both :P
    but city looks wider and purse looks taller...
  4. I agree, both are beautiful but , the purse is a more "ladylike" bag and the M-line is more casual. Pursestyle and M-line are in some way contradictory which makes it intresting but the city in M is just a perfect stylematch. Now that's just boring old me. ;)
  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Purse style!
  6. but i must say, the purse is more confortable to wear than the city.
    but the city is more rocker chic for me :P
  7. I love the Purse style - more ladylike and works well with dress clothes, can fit very comfortably over the shoulder. The City is bigger, casual and can hold way more. One of each I say...:graucho:
  8. Completely agree with Sea:yes: !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have both and I prefer the City, although I only carry it by the handles even though I leave the shoulder strap on - just love the look of it!
    I hope I don't offend anyone :P but the Purse has a more matronly look to it I think where the City is more fun and casual.
  10. An angry mob of matrons is forming at this minute! :P The purse is a great alternative to the city when you want no zippies flying and a bag that easily stays on the shoulder. Wondering if the replacement might be the mid-afternoon. ???
  11. Don't worry QV2. I called them matronly 3 days ago and have yet to be shunned from this forum or even receive one line of hate mail! :yes:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. I love both equally for different reasons - pretty much the same ones everyone mentioned above!!!:smile: I haven't worn my Purse yet, but one question that may help Uma - Does the Purse stay on okay when you're wearing a thick coat?
  14. can someone tell me which is purse and which is city? i am looking at and they both have what looks like the same bags pictured with "purse" and "city" stated. i am really confused. so sorry to be asking such a basic question. i am new to balenciaga although i have seen them around i did not like them so much until recently and have decided i want one! but then, i saw all these styles..... help?
  15. atelier.naff
    and you can see the wearing balenciaga stickies on top of the forum page to see how it wears