Question on purchasing a luggage tag

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  1. Hi ladies, i wanna purchase a luggage tag. Will I be allowed even if i dont have the bag wth me?

    Can i purchase jst by showing my LV Deauville bag and not the luggage bag? I wanted to use it actually in my deauville. Our store here dont have stocks and needed to present a receipt and the bag.

    How much in dollars? I want the ebene. Anyone here from Guam? My friend is currently there right now. Is it strict there in purchasing one?

    Thank you in advance
  2. This is my bag ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463361387.845521.jpg
  3. Where are you from? I've gotten luggage tags without any questions before, including when they have had to order one.
  4. Interesting that they asked for a receipt?! I'm headed to a store next weekend so will also ask this.

    Btw pretty sure you could find it in consignment stores if it's really the store's policy to require proof of purchase!

  5. Hi Im from Philippines. As per the SA, we dont have stocks here and they still need to order this. I was instructed to bring the receipt. If no receipt jst the bag. So im hoping to get it abroad.

  6. Thank you
  7. I have only 1 luggage the purchased in Hawaii with the exclusive Hawaii stamp. No questions asked.
  8. I purchased two luggage tags a couple weeks ago. They didn't ask any questions but I said I was looking for two luggage tags replacement for my keepall. They were $60 each and the larger size tags.
  9. I've bought them before as souvenirs and there was no questions asked except for what size I wanted, what was to be stamped on it, and how would I be paying?
  10. You can go to Tumon Sands Plaza in Guam and ask for luggage tag .they sell it $65 I just bought one on March the brown one. They have it display out in the front and they can stamp your initials for free.Good luck!

  11. Wow thank u so much for your advices. Hope my friend can get me one in Guam.

  12. +1

  13. You are totally mind melding me right now. Did you sneak into my head and post my question? Lol. Bag twins! :smile:. Such a beauty right??!!!!

  14. Really? Yay good to know we are bag twins🤗 hope my friend will be able to get me one. Or else i will get it when i travel abroad. Ty
  15. I purchased my luggage tag in Hawaii without any problems and at the time I did not own a luggage piece.