question on popincourt haut

  1. I just passed a woman with a popincourt haut (I'm assuming it was real, but I didn't get a good look). What I did notice is that the leather parts of the handles were really curling up. It looked pretty bad.

    Does this normally happen?

    I just got mine from elux last week and haven't used it yet. If that is how it will age, I may consider returning it...

  2. I have only been carrying mine for a couple months, but I use it everyday and the handles are not curling at all.
  3. I have had mine for a few months, daily use, and I have not noticed any problems at all.
  4. When I ordered my bag from eLux I made a point of asking if the handles curl and they told me no that it's too well made to do that. That bag you saw must have been a fake.
  5. Mine is approaching its first birthday, and I've never had an issue with curl.
  6. I've had mine 2 months and no curl... I also have it on the last hole making the straps as long as possible to carry on my shoulder.
  7. That handels should not curl.
  8. No curling on my PH either.
  9. Not on mine either?
  10. not a hint of a curl on mine!
  11. lol no curling here either.
  12. Thank you for all of the responses.

    I was horrified when I saw hers--all of the tail ends of the handles badly curled. It must have been a fake--I'll look more closely next time I see her in the skyway.