Question on pony hair

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  1. I have searched and searched for the answer to this, and I'm not finding any real answers so I have to ask:

    Is pony hair used for shoes REALLY made from dead horses? I can't fathom it, probably because I can't imagine horse hide being used for this type of thing (although it wouldn't surprise me I guess). I just thought it was cowhide with the hair still on. But now, I don't know. I have a pony pair of Manolos, and I will have to get rid of them if it's actual pony. I just can't get over that guilt.

    Any answers?
  2. To bring the shoes to a new home.. It wont bring the animal back.. though. I'm always surprised that people tend to react like this.. Someone said, in the similar purpose, regarding to her python shoes, that she was saying to herself the snakes have died from natural causes.. And that can really make sense. I'm not advocating such thing as seal hunt. That horrific and terrible.. but for animal that we actually eat .. cow, beef, rabbit, and horse sometimes.. i guess i'm OK since i've seen documentaries and all.. I may look naive but for instance I know most leopard-looking coats are actually made from dyed rabbit fur.. not genuine leopard's. I guess it's all about tolerance after all. You don't have to feel guilty ! :heart:
  3. I believe the call it Pony, but it's Calf Hair.
  4. ^^^ thats what i thought i read somewhere. There is an old thread i believe
  5. Mhh.. Found that :

    So, is "Pony skin" really what the name suggests?
    It is often used as a generic term for hair-on-hide. Generally cow hide is used.

    Should we feel bad about dead ponies then?
    Like leather and sheepskin, ponyskin is a by-product. Leather has hair too before it is shaved.
    I want to stress though, this is not the same process as fur or a material where the animal is bred and killed for specifically for its skin.
  6. It's difficult to get a definitive answer to this question and it probably varies by designer/manufacturer. Often times, I think that cow/calf skin/hair is used as a substitute for pony hair. I have also read that sometimes horse skin/hair is used, but I imagine that other parts of the horse are used as well (meaning that they are not killing the horse just for its skin).
  7. That's what I have a problem with--the killing for skin only. I can deal with it if it's a situation of by-product, but killing JUST to make shoes, I can't handle.

    I was under the impression that even though they call it pony, it's cow. I never had a reason for that thought, I think I just made that up to make myself feel better. But, I don't think I will ever get a real answer unless I get it from a manufacturer. Cows and leather I can deal with because beef is everywhere. I don't know anyone who has eaten a horse. Not saying that no one does, but is that really even common?
  8. it is cow or steer skin without the hair removed (tradespeople call it a hair-on hide).

    having done extensive research on exotic skin wholesalers for both personal and business reasons, piggy assures everyone that she has yet to come across a leather wholesaler who offers hair-on horse or pony hides (^(oo)^)
  9. No, it's not common in the US, and is actually illegal in a lot of states. Horse meat is somewhat unsafe to eat because the animals aren't raised to be food and are therefore given a lot of medications/vaccines/topicals/wormers that aren't safe for human consumption.
  10. :shocked: this is making me want to leave my pradas in the box for awhile
  11. Why is that ?

    To add a meaty note.. in France, for example some butcheries are especially selling horse meat.. It's called "Boucherie Chevaline" it's a bit off topic but I guess that I could help to catch what I meant earlier .. :s

  12. I read the article, but the post in answer to it has me almost in tears (HOLY CRAP!):

    **"You need to understand that PONY SKIN is the skin of newborn foals, infant horses - colts and fillies. In the sport-horse industry, such as thoroughbred racing, an expensive broodmare has her foal taken away to be nursed by a surrogate nurse mare, so that the expensive mare may be again impregnated.

    This is a major industry, providing the skins of these newborn horses to the fashion industry. PONY SKIN is the skin of a baby horse, a foal.

    The foal that was produced by the surrogate nurse mare so that she may lactate and serve the expensive sport-horse foal was not stillborn: it was euthanized, left to die in a corral with other newborn horses or sold to the textile and clothing industries to be made into your shoes and purses, hit in the head to avoid damaging the 'merchandise. It was skinned or boiled to remove it's hide.

    There are other options available to producing material to be used by the fashion industry. I hope that you join with me and insist that the sport horse industry use ethical vendors who provide surrogate nurse mares services, but who see to the ethical care and treatment of the infant horses.

    Thank you for your time and all your hard work,

    Elizabeth Pence


  13. pony hair is calf hide with the hair one, just called ponyhair