Question on POMMIER with GGH!!

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I haven't posted in ages! I sold some B-bags and bought some new ones, so I will be posting photos soon!!!!

    I have a question about Pommier with GGH. I went to the Balenciaga store in NYC and they have the most beautiful Pommier bags with GGH! God, that color combo is stunning!!!!

    They had the Pommier GGH bags in the city, part time, and work, but NOT THE DAY BAG. I asked the sales rep if she had any Pommier GGH days, and she said that Balenciaga didn't make the day bags in Pommier with GGH, and that they only made the Pommier bags with either regular, or giant silver hardware........IS THIS TRUE???

    Did Balenciaga manufature the Pommier day bags with GGH this season?
    I am thinking of getting the Pommier GGH city if I can't get this color combo in a day bag, but I wanted to make sure that the day bag in this color combo wasn't available first. Anyone have any info??

    Thanks in advance!!


  2. ^Bump^


    Anyone know if Balenciaga made day bags in Pommier with GGH? And if so, has anyone seen where they are available?

  3. Bal NY and LV told me Pommier with GGH would come only in the City and Part-time styles - they told me no Work and no Day with GGH in Pommier. Now, it sounds like you saw the Pommier Work with GGH and I don't know what to believe...
  4. yea..i keep pestering my SA about a GGH Day for this seasons' colors but she said they are not getting Days in GGH...such a bummer.
  5. Wow, such a bummer!!!! Thanks for your responses! I can't believe they wouldn't make GGH days! Don't they know how well they will sell??
  6. I heard similar about galet. But someone said that milan has a ggh galet day. Maybe they would have it in pommier?
  7. I wonder of Chloeglamour know if they have the GGH Day this season in Italy.
  8. I already PMed Chloeglamour a week or so ago and asked her, and she said she hadn't see the day in pommier with ggh, but maybe I will ask if she can check again? Wow, I wonder if it exists?
  9. wot I heard from UK is they will make some GG to catch up,they didn't say for the day, but there is a delay, so...not sure how late it will be...
  10. That what Bal London told me too....I was hoping for a Pommier GHH in Work, but she said GHH only came in City & Part-time