Question on pm for sa info

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  1. Sorry, fairly new to forum and was wondering how it all works. If someone says pm me for sa info... if you call that sa and it's still available, does that mean you pay them over the phone and they will ship you the bag? Doesn't matter what state or location? I'm still on a waiting list for my woc and since it'll be my first chanel I kind of wanted to go to the store and see it in person before purchasing. Just wondering what the process was in order to find one faster . TIA!
  2. yes, that is typically how it'll work. i've done it quite a few times, thanks to members on here. i usually just text the SA & say who referred me. if the SA has the item you pay via text or phone, then the SA will send you a receipt via text or email, and then ship your item. never had an issue and i've done it 3? or 4? times, i think
  3. Hello-Welcome to the Forum :smile: I can understand thinking you want to go look but sometimes the posted finds are kind of rare. You can always return in the US if you change your mind; the SA's that most of use trust to post here will send you a beautiful item.
  4. Ok thanks for clearing that up for me :smile:
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