Question on plumes and bolides.....

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  1. Are there any stamps?? I can't seem to locate if so...just wondering what year my plume is from jillsconsignment......:shame:
  2. Look behind the tab nearest the zipperstop.
  3. Shoes...did you look under the little zipper tab on the other end of the zipper? Not on the pull but the other side? Maybe it's there....
  4. I think it is under one of the side flaps.
  5. Wow thanks everyone!! The plume has a G - for '03 then, right?
  6. I love how smart and helpful everyone is.
  7. It's always amazing to me what a great group!!! And we all gain so much knowledge...
  8. '03 is correct.
  9. Can someone tell me how the letters match up to the years? Thanks!
  10. :yes: Hey Shu! In the Hermes info thread, someone explained the whole dating process and "codes." :smile:
  11. I found that info on The Fashion Spot board...and printed it out!
  12. Thanks!
  13. Yes - everyone is so helpful here!
  14. Addicted do you know what year your plume is?
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