Question on plum tote and red patent hobo


which bag should Mom get?

  1. lg plum belted tote

  2. red patent hobo

  3. both

  4. none

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  1. I gave the lg belted hobo to my mom. She is very thankful but she told me that she isn't too happy with how the belt sits on that bag. she either wanted to exchange it for the belted tote or the red patent hobo. She is having a hard time deciding. does anyone have the tote in the plum? do you like it? does the belt stay in place? does anyone have red patent hobo? Iknow everyonr loved it when it first came you still? how does it wear?thx
  2. I have the mahogany patent hobo and love it. I hope you can find a red one though. I searched for a customer two days ago for the red patent hobo, and it was completely gone. I even searched as far as the west coast. I imagine you'll only find it if your boutique has one. They cleaned out over PCE.
  3. I've seen the plum magazine tote and it is really cute. It is more structured than the hobo and the belt stays put nicely. I like the patent stuff but I think the plum might get more use. Of course if you can find both and can swing both then get both!!
  4. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the responses. My mom wants the patent red hobo (which is great for me b/c I can borrow it!) Of course, we called coach customer service and they don't have any. We tried bidding on one tonight. We bid a high bid of $460. Last I checked the auction is was at $510. My mom said No way at that price! Now we are both on the hunt! How can we get our hands on one? Thx
  5. Since Coach is not re-releasing it, your only hope is that someone returns one at your local store, eBay, or at an outlet at a later date if they ever hit them. Call your local store you shop at and have them put you in client track for future purchase for it so if someone does return one, they can call you. :yes:
  6. I'm pretty sure that I saw a red patent hobo at the Fashion Valley store in San Diego. You may want to call and see if they still have it. Good luck, it is a gorgeous bag and one that I was considering getting.