Question on Planners.....

  1. I'm thinking of getting one since I have SO many things to write in my calendar. Well, I have three teen daughters, so you can imagine.

    Anyway, I love the calendar part but wouldn't use the address book. Anything else I can stick in there, like a blank pad of paper??

    I want the smallest size, 3x5.
  2. You can get a notebook pad. Mine came with an address book but I think I'm just going to use that part separately.

    The 3x5 might be a little tight, especially since you write a lot in your calendar. But only you can be the judge of that.

    I have the 4x7 and after debating between that and the 6x8 I think it's the perfect size IMO.
  3. yea, the 3x5 is kind of tight. I feel like I have to write really small in it (especially the address part- therefore, i don't use that portion)

    the planner is gorgeous though, and I get lots of compliments on it!!
  4. Oh, good point on the 3x5 being too small. With my hectic schedule and the three girls the calendar squares may be too small. I'll look more at the 4x6. Thanks!

    Glad I can put a notepad on the other side. An address book is just not something I'd use since mine is all on my computer.
  5. I actually just exchanged a 3x5 planner yesterday for the larger 4x7 one. As ADORABLE as teh 3x5 one was just too tiny for me to balance/write in at the same time. (The 6x8 is perfect, but just too big for me to carry around all over)

    I'm sure if you hunt around you'd be able to find a note pad that would fit on the side where the address part goes...shouldn't be too hard (I'm thinking, hit CVS/Walgreens/Staples/Office Max/etc... and try a few spiral notebooks out...)

    ya know...this sounds like a good idea! I might have to do it myself! LOL!
  6. I wish Coach would offer an insert that was just pages of blank, lined paper too.
  7. I like the 3X5 but thats just me. Its perfect for what I need. However, it sound like you should get the larger one.
  8. I have the 3x5 planner right now and I'm thinking I'm going to sell it and get the 4x7 because the 3x5 isn't quite big enough for me.