Question on Perforated Bags

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  1. Hi All -

    How many perforated speedies are left? I ordered both the green and fuschia from eluxury but wasn't going to return one. Now, I am having a hard time deciding which to keep... particularly fearing that one will not be easy to find again. Any thoughts on timing that this line will be gone? And which will be easier to find? Or which I should keep?

    Many thanks!
  2. You could always call 866-VUITTON to find out.

    I like the green best.
  3. I have the green perfo speedy and love it.

    I just looked on eLuxury and it looks like they have sold out of the perfo speedys. They still have some perfo pochettes, though.
  4. I think the Fushcia is cool...
  5. Many thanks!!
  6. Well my store actually has all 3 colors...but I'd heard that the fuchsia was the hardest to come by. Though I really don't see all that many people with anything perfo in you have to get rid of one?
  7. I guess I could keep them both but it seemed redundant to me. I only have the Cabas Piano, Speedy 25 (mono), Denim Baggy GM, Cabas Antigua MM and the pefos. I thought it would be better to expand my collection than have 2 of the same.
  8. keep the fuschia and buy youself another bag u love or save it for something else. the fuschia is nice and much harder to come by!
  9. Lol if it were me, I'd keep both, just because I have trouble getting rid of ANYthing LV. Never have and probably never will haha.
    But yeah I'd keep the seems harder to find I guess (if I'm to believe my SA haha), even though that's the color I've seen most people have.
  10. Keep the fuschia & look for pochette, wallet & cles in the other colors?
  11. I love the fuchsia..!

  12. I agree:yes:
  13. I think you should expand your collection rather than have 2 the same! buy another bag you really love, or save the money until a new bag comes out that you love!
  14. i would keep the fuchsia. i think also that thos colour is harder to find
  15. Thanks all! I appreciate the feedback!
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