Question on Patina

  1. Do all the bags(leathers) get patina and if so ,can someone post how it would look on dark color bags TIA
  2. nope. box leather for sure, and then if you read hermesgroupie's leather reference thread, it mentions one or 2 other leathers that also get a patina.
    dark colors (black) show the patina to its best effect i believe.
  3. My SA told me that vache liegee (I have a gold Kelly in VL) gets a great patina and not to be afraid to get the kelly out and use it all the time to help it develop this patina. It's a new bag so I'm still a bit prcious with it, but I do want to use it and get over my fear of such an expensive bag.
  4. My SA said the same about my GPT in swift even though the bag is still cosy in the box---hence this question
  5. Hmm, from what I've experienced, all of the leathers seem to develop some kind of patina, some more beautiful than others. I've been using a couple of Chevre de Coromandel bags that have mellowed beautifully over the last several years. They've become more supple and have developed even more of a sheen. One of my favorite pieces that has developed a really great patina is an Hermes 6-cles made of Buffalo Gala. It was somewhat matte when new; now after knocking it around for several years the leather has developed a gorgeous patina. I wish I had taken a "before" and "after" picture.
  6. What about Togo? Would you call the effects of togo aging a "patina" or just a softening?
  7. ^^ excellent question - and i'm curious to know the answer re. togo.