Question on patent B bags:

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  1. Hello Fendi ladies,

    I had a question on the lovely patent leather B Bags: How many colors were/are they made in? I know there's a pink, a navy blue, a light blue... which other colors? Was it ever made in a bright electric blue? Thanks!
  2. Yes, it was definitely made in bright blue
  3. There's the gunmetal, black and white patent as well...

    And orangish color too!
  4. I've seen the mini b in gold patent
  5. A bright yellow, and a pink as well.
  6. I've seen the pink and navy... I saw an electric blue and wondered if it was a fake, lol.
  7. I love the bright blue! It's also made in a light turquoise and orange! I love the orange too!
  8. ^ I agree! The B bag looks lovely in the orange!
  9. I saw the electric blue once and also navy blue too. They look awesome
  10. I have the bronze one but apparently its "gold" ..but i also had the gold one before giving it away, and its more "gold" than the bronze one... also have the silver yup..silver, gold, and bronzish gold