Question on Outlets

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  1. I did a search on my questions but did not find a thread yet on this, so I am starting this one. If I am wrong and this has been discussed before, feel free to point me to the right direction. :smile:

    For now though, here are my questions:

    1. What are the differences between bags sold in outlets and actual Prada stores? Do they really make bags just for outlets?

    2. Is the price difference significant for bags sold in outlets versus those in the actual Prada stores?

    3. Are bags in outlets defective in any way, or are they returns? Lower quality, or made in China items?

    The reason I am asking these questions is (and this may seem weird to some or even embarrassing) - I've actually never shopped in any outlet store for any brand before. Main reason is, we live downtown, and all the outlet stores in our state seem to be in the suburbs. We don't go to the suburbs much, and even then, we don't really know our way around them, so we definitely don't get to visit the outlet stores. Depending on the answers to my questions though, I just might invest the time to go to the suburbs to finally visit the outlet store and try buying from there. :smile:

    I buy my bags primarily from the actual stores instead of online or buying pre-loved, mainly due to my concerns on authenticity (peace of mind on that, especially after a bad online experience); plus I love the experience of going in the store and inspecting the bags personally and finally choosing one. Both these reasons should be satisfied with buying from outlet stores still though, right? So if the answers to my questions above are good (in my mind anyway :smile: ), then yep, I think I should go do some outlet store shopping.

  2. Bumping :smile: I hope to get some assistance from the lovely Prada ladies. TIA!!!
  3. Hi! I was wondering the same thing - I called a Prada outlet and just asked them a while before. I was looking for a calf leather and just told that to the SA and he just gave me some model # and prices and said they are all made in Italy.
    An example is

    That's from the outlet and it's like $1100? I forgot the exact price but somewhere around there! Hope that helps :smile:
  4. I can only speak to my experience, but I got a nylon bag at an outlet that typically retails for around $800 for $530. From what I gathered it was a mix of older styles, but I think it may vary from outlet to outlet. I know the prices were good and the quality wasn't noticibly any different. The sales associates could probably give you more specific info...I think there was someone on here once that called and spoke to someone about their questions. That way you don't have to make the hike out to one just to find out it wasn't worth it. (I went to the outlet in Orlando myself, FYI)
  5. Oops, and I totally missed the comment from d3star...I guess calling may be a good idea!
  6. Thanks so much for the responses, d3star and cowbear! :biggrin:

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    SO not true!!! If anything, most are made in China, Turkey or Romania. Most SAs don't know diddly about provenance of what they're selling. :true:

  8. That's actually what I'm worried about, which is why I started this thread, so I could get the goods from the Prada tPFers themselves :smile:

    I appreciate the responses so far, and thanks Prada Psycho for the input! :biggrin: It looks like most of the outlet stuff are not made in Italy...
  9. Some items are made in Italy, some are imported, but a lot of the items made in China use the same leathers and fabrics as the ones made in Italy. There is virtually no difference in quality.

    Some of the items that are sent to the outlet are brand new direct from the manufacturer, so not everything is from last season
  10. Thanks for the response, eyelovecasey! :biggrin: