Question on Outlet Return

  1. Hey ya'll,
    I bought a Holiday Patchwork bag at a Coach Outlet today, which I really thought I loved in the store. When I got it home and tried it out more, i realized that I didn't like how it kind of collapses on the sides and in, and I want to return it. I paid about $245 for it. I'm wondering if anyone could help me understand the return policy, because what it says on the back of the receipt is pretty confusing. Will I be able to return the bag to the outlet and get my money back or will I only get store credit? And, if I get store credit, could I use that at a regular Coach store also? I'd really like my money back because I probably shouldn't have spent the money anyway(!), but can someone please help me out? THANKS!!!
  2. 1)Yes, you can return it to the outlet for CASH!
    2)If they would have given you store credit, you can use it at both places.
    3)What makes the back confusing is that they use the same paper for the outlet and the boutique.
    Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you soo sooo much!
  4. no problem!