Question on Ordering Japan Items

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  1. How do you determine the pricing? The conversion from Japanese Yen to USD is ridiculous...does JAX just tell you how much a bag is when you call? Just wondering because I really like the Heritage Stripe collection on the Japan site...
  2. The Ergo Scarf Hippie that I ordered had a US price tag on it when I received it. JAX told me what it was in USD with no problem... But JAX has to have the bag. They don't have every Japanese bag I think...
  3. You can "google" for a conversion site to find out what the price is from yen to dollar. But there's no doubt that the price is about $100 to $200 more in the Japan site.

    You may want to try calling the 1-888 number for COACH to see if they have it in stock here in the States. I recently ordered two things i saw from the Japan site from that 1-888 number, and they had it in stock for almost $200 cheaper. It's definitely worth a try!

  4. Yeah there's just no way I'm paying the Japanese Yen to USD conversion price for these items...but they show up on the drilldown. Can my local SA help me order it or is it best to call Coach directly?
  5. I'd suggest calling JAX with the item #s...
  6. What is the link to see the japanese webite?
  7. Try all of the above-- start with the main COACH number (the 1-888); call you COACH SA, then COACH Japan.
  8. I would call Coach directly with the item number and ask if its available to order and what the price will be. They have the most update info. Like others have said...some items on the Japanese site are available to us in the U.S. but other items are not. Also, Coach is MUCH more expensive in Japan compared to the U.S. so converting yen to dollars isn't going to give you the accurate price that we pay. Hope that helps and good luck! Hope JAX has the bag you want! ;)
  9. Ok, so I called and the Heritage Stripe tote in blue is available in the warehouse for $358. I believe this line is coming out in February 2008 but for those who like it, you can get it now...I'm still debating whether that price is worth it. The bag measures approximately 13" x 16" x 4". Here's a pic:
  10. i love that bag- i'm a SUCKER for that blue- but $358? i don't know...
  11. Argh, this post made me see the tattersall framed wristlet again. That thing is haunting me!!! So far I've avoided calling JAX to see if it's available in US...
  12. Hmm. I have extra time tomorrow. Maybe I'll have to call for you and post on here if it is...;)
  13. You are so naughty!! I want that wristlet SO BAD!! Maybe I'll be safe b/c my SA tried to order it for me last PCE and couldn't (she even called JAX). You'd better believe I'm still going to check back tomorrow to see if you had any luck!!!