Question on Ojon:

  1. I have a question, I'm also stopping using Pantene after knowing all this stuff about it. I'm looking at Ojon because it seems to be all natural...However, isn't it mostly for dry, coarse hair? My hair is very soft and silky, basically straight but with a slight natural wave. I also never use shine products or anything, in my picture that is my natural hair with no product in it, just blow dried. Is Ojon recommended or is it too heavy for my hair? I'd love some advice, thanks! And if it is, what other shampoo is recommended for normal hair that's not dry or greasy? Thanks!
  2. Anyone? I know it's a popular product line...
  3. Go to Sephora and ask for a sample to see how you like it. Sorry, I don't know otherwise. My hair is curly so it is definitely not too rich for me. The description says that it is for dry, damaged hair, but it *also* says that it adds weightless body and shine to your hair on their website, so I guess I am not sure other then maybe sampling it and seeing how it works. I happen to like it and use it right now. I use the "Ultra Hydrating" conditioner.

    I just noticed they do have a "shine and protect" conditioner that says it is lightweight, so that may be a better choice for you:
  4. I believe Ojon is recommended as a treatment but I am sure it would be fine on your hair
  5. Thanks! About to order some right now... hoping it won't weigh my hair down.
  6. I can't be of any help also. In the New Year, I plan to give this line a try, becaue I have very dry hair.
  7. You know Sephora is great about returns. They don't mind if you try something and don't like it. I'm a huge Ojon fan but I have lots of fine bleached hair, so I use their ultra hydrating formula. Your hair reminds me of the model for Ojon, who happens to be the founder/owner's sister. You are beautiful!
  8. I use the Ojon Taweka line.. I really like it and I don't think that it weighs my hair down at all.

    Even though it is for dry hair doesn't mean that you can't use it. But like oregonfanlisa said, Sephora always takes things back!
  9. My hair is exactly like your description and I love the shine and protect. I have tried the Tawaka and the Ultra moisturizing and they kind of weigh my hair down.
  10. :shame: :shame::shame:

    Thank you! :heart:

    I just ordered some today! I think it will work, I've been using Pantene for years and now my hair deserves something nice for a change!