Question on obtaining your dream life/dream job

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  1. Hello! I'm relatively new to TPF so I hope you welcome newcomers. :P

    I currently have no idea where I am headed in my life. I know that I'm still young and have a great deal of experiences ahead of me and I am sure that my feelings of being lost and confused is of the norm. I've been reading through a lot of threads lately about people and their jobs and this post is definitely inspired from the recent poll "how do you rate your job" poll. I was just wondering if there were any suggestions from you wonderful ladies that have had years of experience on top of mine on how i am to live my life out the best i can when I have no idea what I want to do with it! That's my biggest problem so far - I just don't know what I want to do with my life. And with no goal, I can't put in any effort to achieving anything because i have no goal to begin with to strive toward.

    how did you ladies who are happy with their jobs and lives get to that point? did you always know what you wanted to be and how you wanted to live your life? tell me your experiences, nuggets of wisdom, and life lessons!

    Well some things I know about myself is that I do care doing well financially in the future, not for love of money but because i want to provide for a family in the future and not have to worry about money all the time (I come from a middle-class family where we've always had to be frugal and save money when we can but we certainly have it better off than a lot of people!), but I want to have a job that I'd be happy with as well. Well who doesn't want these two things. :P Well I know some people chase after their dreams and don't care about their financial future because they are doing what they love. I wish I had that passion for something. I'm having a lot of trouble choosing my major and it's something i need to decide soon. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your advice!
  2. Hi Annie,
    I'm assuming you will enter or are attending college, since you are having trouble choosing a major. I say don't choose a major if you are just entering college. Just wait and take the pre-requisites to graduate. Your college or university says you have to take a social science, science, economics, history, math, etc. course, so do that and wait and see what you like. Don't worry! Take classes and talk to professors. You must be curious about something. Is it science? Are you interested in the body or how nature works? Are you interested in social issues like politics, immigration or healthcare? Do you like art and music? Do you feel passionate about social justice, animal welfare or Tony Award winning plays?

    A college education will help you determine what you like and what you do not like. It is OK NOT to know. You will find out by getting good grades in whatever you like. Just focus on going to a college or a university that allows you enough opportunities to choose what you like. Invest in a good university. Talk to your professors. Do NOT waste your summers by going home and not working. Get an internship somewhere. Do a study abroad in some country. You have lots of great opportunities ahead and it is up to YOU to take advantage of them.
  3. I couldn´t have said it better than gr8heart.
    In fact most of people around me didn´t know what to do, it became unusual geeks like me who knew from kindergarten, but I guess when you :heart: art you know it very soon in life.
    Anyways don´t just stay home wondering what to do, get out there and try out different things, You don´t really know what you like, but you probably know which areas you don´t !! Start volunteering or take student jobs (they seem quite far away from a real job but can get you 1 step into a field you might love), going abroad as an au-pair. In Denmark young people usually give themselves 1 year to travel around the world and mature, and find out what they want before starting university.
    I know what you mean when it comes to money, then you can work on a plan to find an acceptable balance between interesting job and ok money. Just ask as much info as you can !! But work it out for yourself don´t wait for a man to take care of you....
  4. Just to add on, gr8heart is on target: Don't waste your summers! You have tons of opportunities then. An internship is a particularly good idea, but even getting a job somewhere that interests you is still good. I'm a senior right now in college, and I wasted my first 2 summers at college (4 years in college so far, with a major change after two semesters of work on it) and I regret that >_>