Question on Non Quilted Camel Bay Retail Pricing

  1. Theres a camel Bay (non quilted) on sale At Holt Renfrew in Toronto but I need to know what these bags normally retail for in the US.

    Since Holts is known for major markups on their designer bags I dont know if this is a good price or not, its on sale for $1100 Canadian and the bag is stunning!
  2. Depending on size. I think the Bay sells in the US from $1600 and up. Currently, most of the Bays are on sale in US dept stores, with 30% to 40% off retail. Chloe Boutique here also has the Bays at 30% off retail. Considering the current exchange rate between Canadian and US dollar, and presuming that you don't have any sales taxes, I'd say anything under $1000 US is a fairly good deal for a Bay.
  3. Hi SpecialK. Based on the Bay sale prices shown by other tpfers here, CAD$1,100 is a pretty good price, IMO. I've paid approx. $200 just on shipping and custom duties to get a bag from US to Canada. Plus, you get to see the bag IRL. I had to depend on the SA on the condition of the bag when I ordered over the phone. If you can wait until 2008, you'll get a 1% GST reduction.