Question on Nitoinimoi

  1. Hello!

    For those of you who have Nitoinimoi booties, I would like to ask: is the front part of the insole (ball of foot area) padded?

    I am thinking about buying a pair of these TDF booties but I had a terrible experience with "C'est Mois" (the ball of foot part was like a brick!) so I don't want to go through the same thing again and waste $500...

  2. All CL's shoes are padded

    However, in comparison to other brands, NONE of CL's shoes are padded enough, especially their boots from what I've seen.

    It usually should not be a problem with boots though. I mean, you're likely going to wear socks with them right? So you have to buy at least a half size up anyhow which will give you room to add some padding. For me at least, I *always* buy some quality insoles and put them in my boots. Why don't you do the same for your C'est Moi booties?
  3. Thanks for your reply CEC.LV4eva!

    Unfortunately, my C'est Moi booties are my exact size (36) so I don't have space left for extra pads.

    I have other CL's and, although, as you said, they are not as padded as shoes of other brands, they are still "walkable in" BUT the C'est Mois are almost impossible to bear. I have read other comments from PF users and they all say the same thing about this style. One girl (I can't remember her user name) said she tried adding extra pads and even with those on she still couldn't walk half a block with these boots...

    I think Mr. Louboutin should take more care in the "padding" department...