Question on next LV purchase?

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  1. So maybe someone here can help me.. The time has come where I think I need a new LV... I already have the Neverful GM and Eva clutch in monogram and now all of a sudden I am obsessed with the speedy... But I'm nervous because I never had a bag that was handles only and I'm nervous that I may not like it... What do u all think ? A little back ground info I will be 30 next week and I have a three old son and I'm a teacher.. Do u think a non shoulder bag will fit in my lifestyle? Also I would love a monogram one but now I'm thinking maybe the damier ebene one would be better so the handles won't get so dirty if I have to use them a lot ... Any thoughts comments would be appreciated.. Oh and the speedy b is not an option cuz I really don't care for the strap so much... Also what size would be best 30, 35 or 40... Thanks!!!!!
  2. I like the 30 best in DE because no handles to get dirty. I love the look of the speedy but i must worn you , if your a shoulder bag girl you may not like the speedy or even get use to it esp. if you have a 3 year old. My youngest is 6 and i still hold his hand in stores ect. I had a speedy 30 in DE for a year but sold it to my friend because i just never really liked carrying it all that much. Shoulder bags are just so much more easier and convineant for me. Its up to you in the end but i know i thought i could do handhelds but i really can not just yet. I may one day when i am older and so is my youngest. :smile:
  3. Go with the Speedy 30 in the DE. I'm dying to get one in that print! I also love my speedys. They're so convenient and they fit everything. I have a 2 yr old and I can put his snacks in a ziplock, throw em in and off we go!
  4. Thanks! Do u have any issues with not being hands friend with ur child that's my only concern...
  5. Yeah that's what I'm scared of... The not being able to throw the bag over my should if I need too but I really want one.. So I'm torn... : (
  6. I also have a speedy 30 on my wish list. I had recently gotten a 25 for evenings but now I want to use it as a day bag alternate to my delightful GM (which I love for going out with baby). I will probably get the speedy b in ebene. I didn't like the B on the mono print but I've seen one in Damier ebene and it looks cute. I think the 30 will be big enough to stuff it with a lot so I'm guessing the strap should at least be an option.

    Would love to know what you get in the end, keep us updated! :biggrin:
  7. Well, I just bought a Retiro PM on the bay and I love it because you can hand/arm carry or optional shoulder strap carry. It's gorgeous in person!!!
  8. I would go for the DE Speedy 30. I like the no worry handles. I am also a teacher and I take my DE Speedy 25 to school all the time. If I need my hands free, I throw it in my huge LL Bean "teacher tote" and lug it all over my shoulder. I think that the Speedy is a classic and is great to have in your collection.
  9. The speedy b is a great choice.
  10. Thanks everyone for ur input maybe I wrote the speedy b off too soon I was watching a YouTube video and it doesn't look to bad.. I think last time I saw something that I thought was the speedy b but was really a reg speedy that someone added a strap too.. I guess it would be good to have in case I don't like it without the strap... I just wish the Mono didn't get so dirty cuz I really love the mono ... Hmmmm.....
  11. I own the Speedy 35 in mono, but I think the Speedy B in DE is a great choice. I plan to get one soon. I have a 3 year old and a 4 year, so my Mono 35 doesn't get used as much when I am with them, unless my husband is there to help. Still Mono Speedy is a classic and a nice addition to any collection. 30 or 35 is a good size. Let us know what you decide!
  12. You could always look at alternatives... like the portobello in DE?