question on net- a -porter

  1. i wanted to know whether they r authentic and if so how are their service???
  2. Completely authentic; their service is generally very good and their packaging is great. :biggrin:
  3. do they ever have sales for christmas???
  4. they are totally safe.. very good service and very well known.. and very successful and popular too
  5. The one time I used them, the service was great. They shipped my bag from the UK on Monday, I got it Tuesday (to California no less), I sent it back on Wed, and they rec'd it back in the UK on Friday. My money was returned to my card on the following Monday. I can't say enough positive about the whole experience!

  6. They generally have a sale after Christmas and in the late summer.

    They recently had a 'Fall Treat' event, but it was only for selected A/W merchandise and is over now.
  7. thanks all of u will definitely try them
  8. ^ No problem. :biggrin:
  9. one more question -is it safe to give the credit card details on line or is it better to call them and how much do they charge for shipping --i live in preston near manchester
  10. Well, I have to say I am not shy about the CC online anymore. There are so many people doing it, that I have probably gotten a little too comfortable, though most reputable businesses have security in place. Actually, if you right click over where you enter your info, you can check the info to make sure it is secure....
  11. ^ ITA. :yes:

    It's totally safe to use a cc online at stores which have pages which have a secure socket layer to protect your credit/debit card information.
  12. My thoughts exactly:yes:
  13. Hi, I blame Net-A-Porter for my bag habit! It is so tempting. Anyway, absolutely no worries about authenticity and as someone who lives in London, I benefit from breathtakingly excellent service - all questions answered and purchases delivered with an hour of initial enquiry. I also think their buyers have a 'great eye' which possibly explains the limited sales, although they do have some - basically, they buy great stuff, it sells quickly and they anticipate the next 'most wanted' trends/picks. Sorry, that turned into a long way of saying they are terrific!
  14. I love shopping at NAP, recieving and opening those black boxes makes me feel so luxurious (is that a word?) :cutesy:
  15. i love shopping at NAP too!