question on Muse hardware

  1. The only YSL bag that I have is a Mombasa from last winter in chocolate brown suede with mink trim. So now I want a Muse. My question is, do they all have gold/brass hardware, as opposed to silver? (I generally prefer the latter.)
  2. The Anthracite has silver colored hardware. I'm not sure about the other metallics. All of the regular leather Muses have gold/brass hardware.
  3. I wear white-metal jewelry--silver, white gold, platinum--and it often bugs me when the hardware on my bags is gold. Does that bother anybody else? Does it matter? Should I just get over it?
  4. ^^I'm the opposite. I wear mostly gold jewelry and it bugs me when my bags hardware is silver. I made an exception for my Chloe Edith.

    The (standard) Buffalo Muse I think actually looks best in gold. It's a elegant lux bag - the gold works somehow on it.